Debbie Miller was born in Everett, WA and raised in the Pacific Northwest. At four years old, Robert Boggs of the Boggs & McClane stores invited her to sit with him and ride his Palamino American Saddlebred. Riding in a newly built elegant indoor arena on Skyline Road near East Everett, Debbie was awed by the hand laminated wooden beams, skylights, and the outwardly tilted arena railing meant to prevent a rider from hitting their foot or knees as they rode the perimeter. Around they rode together, in a silver parade saddle and tapaderos covering the stirrups. From that day forward, Debbie knew that she would ride and train horses forever, and she has.

She began as a an assistant to a number of wonderful horsemen and women. Barney “CV” Barnhart of Arlington, WA raised registered American Shetlands and drove them in sulkies and showed them at halter. Debbie gained additional experience with Henry Mouw, from Whidby Island who also raised and competed with American Shetland ponies. Phyllis Berry from Arab Acres in Snohomish, Washington picked Debbie out from a herd of 4-Her’s giving demonstrations at State Fair in Washington and personally mentored her.

Lake Serene Pony Farm in Lynnwood (since closed) saw Debbie putting in hundreds of hours riding and training ponies. One day after a windstorm the previous day, Debbie was out riding one of her favorite ponies named Cherokee and came across a small tree lying across the trail. Doing what comes naturally to a horse, Cherokee jumped it. Realizing how much fun this was Debbie preceded to jump Cherokee across the tree numerous times that day.

She had found a way to fly with a horse, and she was eager to learn Hunter Seat Equitation and Show Jumping. Debbie got a job washing cars to pay for her lessons, and spent two years under the instruction of Janice Bogs and the next two years with Grand Prix winner & Hunter/Jumper trainer Gary Henley.

In South Dakota Debbie, two 11 year old kids, and a 84 year old Indian Pahuska drove 100 horses from Keystone, SD to Wounded Knee, SD a distance of over 85 miles. Moving to Tulsa, OK Debbie learned about the game of Polo at Cavalier Farm by the Tulsa Airport.

Debbie’s goal is to introduce any non-horse person to the wonderful world of horses and ponies and the fun that comes with them.

Her photo gallery is evidence of all her horse show winnings with numerous breeds shown at halter to driving roadsters. She has also done fine harness and 4 & 6 pony hitches, Chuck Wagon racing, and chariot racing in several states. Her western showing has centered around Arabians and Paints in Washington state.

Moving back to the Pacific Northwest from Arizona, Debbie decided to put down roots in the Tri-Cities where she has found fresh inspiration to teach children and adults to be horse riders and not passengers. In the few short months between August and November of 2013, Debbie taught 27 children and 7 adults Hunt Seat Equitation, and is eagerly awaiting to teach others.

Riding school lessons are available for all skills levels, as well as stock seat equitation, hunter seat equitation, saddle seat equitation – hunters over fences and jumpers. Debbie Miller is the trainer you are looking for. She is also an ardent supporter of show ring driving and wants to keep it alive and well in the USA. Whether you choose fine Harness, roadsters – pleasure driving, to the excitement of racing chariots or driving a buck board wagon, Debbie believes that even if she gets to old to ride she will always be able to drive! With enough interest she’s even considering teaching mounted shooting with black powder and/or archery shooting at balloons on a course or pattern.

Debbie loves her life. The fun of watching baby horses coming into the world to raising and training horses to be kind and obedient and love people. Life is to live whether its horses at Debbie Miller Horsemanship, airplanes at Cliff and Sue’s Sundance Aviation in W. Richland, the thrill of riding and working on motorcycles, or attending Richland Nazarene on Queensgate, Richland, Wa.  This is a Friendly church where the Holy Spirit is waiting to meet you. Come on over and visit !  There is so much to be thankful for in this world. Give Debbie Miller a call today at (520) 686-0048, as she would love to talk to you.